Website: www.kissdistribution.com.au

Today SweetOz has a range of chocolates which they believe is unequalled by any other small Aussie Chocolate company and a distribution system that is the envy of all our competitors.

Service to our customers is of the utmost importance to us which is why we only employ highly motivated sales people who can focus on the needs of our customers and deliver great service.

SweetOz is a very progressive company which is always looking for new, unique and exciting chocolate products to launch into the market place which generate more sales, profits and cash for our customers.
Today our company continues to grow by increasing the distribution into non traditional markets and by being first onto the market with new, innovative and different products.

SweetOz is 100% Australian owned and operated utilising 100% Australian manufacturers to ensure that we have first class quality control and always supplying the market place a product second to none in the country.