Mrs Trans Kitchen

The Mrs. Tran’s story originated from the busy streets of Cholon (Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinatown); home to the smorgasbord of Asian flavours that now graces the world culinary stage. Sharing amazing food with her local community was always part and parcel to Mrs. Tran’s life.

When she was forced to resettle to Australia, because of the Vietnam War, Mrs. Tran continued her family tradition in her newly adopted home. To this day, Mrs. Tran is never far from her humble kitchen; meticulously preparing raw ingredients to create traditional family dishes to be shared with family and friends.

In 1989, Mr. and Mrs. Tran followed their passion for authentic Asian flavours and started their own food importing business. They wanted to contribute to the melting pot of their new home; sharing their favourite foods from their previous life.