Kookas Country Cookies

Website: https://kookas.com.au/

Established in 1994 Kookas Country Cookies started operation in the small Country town of Donald in Victoria, supplying biscuits to the town of Donald and surrounding districts. Kookas Country Cookies have prided themselves on producing a home style biscuit range, of high quality with a handmade country appeal. From humble beginnings and a staff of 5 Kookas Country Cookies have weathered the elements of the business world and continue to grow with a staff of 25 (keeping country people employed).

Kookas Country Cookies are now in their 26th year of production and are proud to say millions of Australians have grown up enjoying our biccies with their cuppa.

Kookas Country Cookies can now be found on the shelves of major Australian supermarkets, airlines, motels, hairdressers, bowling clubs and of course in your local corner store. The staff at Kookas Country Cookies are a dedicated team of people who pride themselves in their ability to produce a high quality Australian product for all to enjoy.