Galletas Gullón is one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in Europe. Founded in 1892, it is the only family biscuit business over one hundred years old to survive in the sector. Its constant efforts in innovation have made it the top business in the sector in Spain, being the industry leader in the health-biscuit segment. Its commitment towards quality and food security, as well as innovation, have been the driving force behind an average sales growth of over 10% in the last 15 years.

Gullon Sugar-Free Biscuits are renowned for their impressive taste and health attributes. These quality biscuits reassuringly contain no sugar, transfats, palm oil or cholesterol and use only high oleic sunflower oil. Add to all this, their great flavour and they’re certainly a great choice! Diabetic friendly or ideal for those who simply wish to reduce sugar intake while continuing to indulge in a biscuit or two.

Enjoy Gullon Sugar-Free Biscuits knowing they may be incorporated into the balanced diet of a diabetic consumer.