Fyna Foods

Website: http://www.fyna.com.au/

We have been crafting confectionery for over 60 years

Arthur Campbell, a true entrepreneur, had a dream to manufacture and sell sherbet based products to kids and adults alike. Since its modest beginnings, with a dozen people producing and hand packing products, Fyna Foods has grown into a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of confectionery products.

Fyna’s Brands

Wizz Fizz, Big Boss, Pink Lady, Craig & Hales, Bush Friends, Fads. Ballantyne

Our Vision

To build leading brands through continuous development of exciting confectionery.

Our Mission

At Fyna Foods, our mission is:

  • To meet our customer’s total needs
  • To develop new and exciting products
  • To invest in process innovation
  • To provide our employees with knowledge and skills so that they may realise their full potential
  • To maintain high ethical standards
  • To meet financial goals