The Carman’s story, so far….

My passion for food started in 1992 when I was an 18-year-old first-year university student. My part-time job was making homemade muesli for a very small business that supplied a few cafes and delis around Melbourne. It’s amazing where life can lead you…

One day I was told that I was going to lose my job as the business was to be sold. I immediately thought, “You could buy this little business! You love the muesli and you make it already!” My offer of $1,000 was eventually accepted and Carman’s was born. It was a life changing decision.

Finishing my degree proved challenging as I made deliveries before morning lectures and balanced the books in the library during lunch breaks.

Twenty years on, Carman’s muesli, muesli bars, rounds, oats, porridge and clusters are now available in all major supermarkets across Australia. We still supply all of those same delis and cafes as before, as well as exporting to over 32 countries around the globe.

As a mother of four young children, my passion for real food with real ingredients is stronger than ever. I am so proud of what Carman’s has become. I hope you share my passion and enjoyment of Carman’s too!