Rok Kombucha


Shout it out kom-booch-ah! It’s delicious and it’s good for you, need we say more?

From ancient beginnings to today’s booch, kombucha is a mix of tea fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (yep that’s the SCOBY), that produces a unique and tantalising probiotic effervescence that is oh so good for you.

Put simply, our booch® is bubbles with benefits!

Dreamed about since 2013, and willed into existence in 2015, rok Kombucha is the result of a husband and wife’s shared passion for delicious, healthy beverages. Our raw, organic kombucha is handmade and batched brewed locally in – you guessed it – Margaret River.

Owners Trent (AFL player turned winemaker) and Amanda (a former Business Improvement Analyst) discovered the benefits of kombucha when looking for a natural way to support their young family’s health. After brewing a couple of batches, they were hooked on this ancient, sparkling, probiotic beverage and made it their mission to share its’ immune and energy boosting properties with Australia.

Working together with local and international organic suppliers, Trent and Amanda have sourced the very best ingredients Margaret River and the world has to offer. That’s why in every bottle of rok, you’ll find a masterfully balanced flavour profile that really brings out the best in each sip.

Every batch of rok is brewed to exacting standards using naturally occurring organic ingredients. The determination of the owners is to produce the finest, most health beneficial beverage. They fiercely protect rok quality and will never heat treat, pasteurise or add any preservatives to rok, as doing so will decrease the awesome health benefits of booch.