Harry’s Ice Cream

Website: http://harrysicecream.com/

To understand the beginnings of Harry’s Ice Cream Co, one has to travel back to 1994, to when we first started making ice cream.

It was true artisanal style – everything was done in small batches, 5 litres at a time (no more than a total of 20 litres in an hour) at the back of our first store.  We mixed everything ourselves, starting with fresh cream & ending with the addition of generous chunks of chocolate for our New York Choc Chip.  Our ice cream was popular, in the summer months it literally sold as fast as it was made.

We’ve long since moved from the back of the store.  And we now have lots of fancy machines & complicated procedures to help us make great ice cream.  But we use all of this to offer you the sort of ice cream we made when we started out:  indulgent quality, unique flavours & still made right here in Australia so you can buy local & buy the best at the same time.

In 2012, we launched Harry’s Ice Cream Co and have been providing deliciously authentic ice cream to Australian homes ever since.