Extraordinary Foods

Website: https://extraordinaryfoods.com.au/

We believe that pure, whole foods, sourced from clean sustainable farms keep us healthy and full of energy.

Nourish yourself with the goodness of whole foods.

With natural, unprocessed, Australian grown ingredients, our foods connect you back to the earth, and to the health of your ancestors.

Our raw, plant based, Australian-made snacks will get you glowing with energy.

Kale Chips

All our kale chips are raw and never baked

We dehydrate our chips at 43°C for 14 hours, so all nutrients and vitamins are preserved. In terms of nutritional value and goodness its as good as fresh kale. The only difference is, kale chips are much tastier !

Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Make healthy cooking effortless and more fun!

We created the Pimp My Salad line so you can add some excitement and nutrition to your salads, rice, baked potatoes, pastas, soups and more! Sprinkle or eat on it’s own!

Play with your meal and take them to the next level with vegan flavour boosts. From post-workout meals to family dinners, a heart-healthy taste even your kids will enjoy. Nutritious alternatives to croutons, bacon bits, and wonton strips.

Add texture, color, and nutrition with our dairy and meat alternative flavourings.

Stay on track with a healthy lifestyle and wellness goals. All the flavor you want with zero of the guilt. Don’t sacrifice taste with our delicious, whole food and sustainably sourced ingredients.