We are a Melbourne based brand with a big appreciation for real authentic food. Doh Boy grew out of our love for a good old cookie dough.
We value craftsmanship and wholesome ingredients especially if they are local. However, we also believe that food should be enjoyed guilt free and without any judgement.
With Doh Boy we set out to make the best cookie dough you can find in Australia.


Our creamy cookie dough is best enjoyed straight from the tub.
Grab a spoon, dive in and enjoy the taste of premium chocolate and Aussie dairy.
Made in Melbourne by expert pastry chefs our cookie dough is safe to eat raw. If raw is not your thing you can bake our dough to make the most amazing gooey chocolatey cookies.

Chocolate Chip

Our classic buttery vanilla cookie dough has been given the gold star treatment with the addition of chunks of premium chocolate.
The result is an indulgent and smoothly textured cookie dough. We like to eat it straight out of the tub but if you are after a gooey chocolatey cookie just bake it in the oven.

Chocolate Brownie

If you are a chocolate tragic like us our choc fudge brownie cookie dough is for you. It is decadent but totally irresistible.
We mixed pieces of our signature chocolate fudge brownie and chunks of premium chocolate into our smooth buttery vanilla cookie dough. It’s a heavenly combination destined to be a crowd pleaser.